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John Wycliffe (1320 – 1384)

English theologian and early proponent of reform in the Roman Catholic Church during the 14th century.
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John Wycliffe
Crown and cloth maken no priest, nor emperor's bishop with his words, but power that crist giveth; and thus by life have been priests known.
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There was good reason for the silence of the Holy Spirit as to how, when, in what form Christ ordained the apostles, the reason being to show the indifferency of all forms of words.
Already a third and more of England is in the hands of the Pope. There cannot be two temporal sovereigns in one country; either Edward is King or Urban is king. We make our choice. We accept Edward of England and refute Urban of Rome.

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I believe that in the end the truth will conquer.
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I acknowledge that the sacrament of the altar is very God's body in form of bread, but it is in another manner God's body than it is in heaven.
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This Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.
John Wycliffe
Preaching the Gospel exceeds prayer and administration of the sacraments to an infinite degree.
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