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Jackson C. Frank (1943 – 1999)

American singer/songwriter.
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Jackson C. Frank
I want to be alone. I need to touch each stone, face the grave that I have grown. I want to be alone.
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Well there are walls, that make a prison, many names that can bring hate. Yeah tear 'em down and ride 'em over.
When I'm not drinkin' baby, you are on my mind. When I'm not sleeping baby, when I'm not sleeping mama, when I'm not sleeping, you know you'll find me cryin'

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Catch a boat to England baby, maybe to Spain. Wherever I have gone, wherever I've been and gone, wherever I have gone... The blues are all the same.
Frank Jackson C.
Don't look back, over your shoulder! Keep your eye on freedom shore! Because you know the brave man with you, also pays for the wages of war.
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