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Henry Morton Stanley (1841 – 1904)

Welsh-born reporter for the New York Herald, went to Africa in search of missionary and explorer David Livingstone.
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Henry Morton Stanley
Though many illusions are of a character we should gladly cherish, yet the sooner we lose some of them, the sooner we gain the power of seeing clearly into things. The one who possesses least has the best chance of becoming wise. The man who travels, and reflects, loses illusions faster than he who stays at home.
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Religion acts as a moral gardener, to weed out, or suppress, evil tendencies, which, like weeds and nettles, would shoot up spontaneously in the wonderful compost of the garden, if unwatched.
Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

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Socialism is a return to primitive conditions.
Stanley Henry Morton
As seen in my loneliness, there was this difference between the Bible and the newspapers. The one reminded one that, apart from God, my life was but a bubble of air, and it bade me remember my Creator; the other fostered arrogance and loneliness.
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