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George Jessel (1824 – 1883)

British judge.
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George Jessel
The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public!
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It must not be forgotten that the rules of Courts of equity are not, like the rules of the common law, supposed to have been established from time immemorial. It is perfectly well known that they have been established from time to time altered, improved, and refined from time to time. In many cases we know the names of the Chancellors who invented them.
For wide learning and deep insight his judgments are, perhaps, unsurpassed.

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I am not, as I consider, to decide cases in favour of fools or idiots, but in favour of ordinary English people, who understand English when they see it, and are not deceived by any difference in type, but who have before them a very plain statement.
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Mistakes are the inevitable lot of mankind.
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I may be wrong, and often am, but I never doubt.
George Jessel
This case reminds me of one in which I likened the plaintiff's case to a colander, because it was so full of holes.
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