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Florence Becker Lennon (1895 – 1984)

American author.
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Florence Becker Lennon
Dodgson of course was a meticulous traveler. He packed each article separately, well wrapped in paper to twice its bulk.
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Charles Dodgson, born a romantic and a rationalist, would have fitted more easily into the world of Voltaire and Goethe than into the one that received him.
The Dodgson family worshipped the God of Love, who showed his stern face only in the presence of evil.

How did it happen that the Reverend Charles Dodgson, thirty years of age, lecturer on geometry at Christ Church, Oxford, hitherto remarkable chiefly for his precision, on a single July afternoon, while rowing up the Isis with a brother don and three little girls, parthenogenetically gave birth to one of the most famous stories of all time?
Lennon Florence Becker
Whether the queen caused the period, or the period creates the queen, she fitted her time perfectly.
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