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Fiona MacLeod (1855 – 1905)

Scottish writer, of poetry and literary biography in particular, who from 1893 wrote also as Fiona MacLeod, a pseudonym kept almost secret during his lifetime.
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Fiona MacLeod
Love is a beautiful dream.
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Across the silent stream
Where the dream-shadows go,
From the dim blue Hill of Dream
I have heard the west wind blow.
I hear the little children of the wind
Crying solitary in lonely places.

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The desire of love, Joy:
The desire of life, Peace:
The desire of the soul, Heaven:
The desire of God ... a flame-white secret forever.
MacLeod Fiona
Green wind from the green-gold branches, what is the song you bring?
What are all songs for me, now, who no more care to sing?
Deep in the heart of Summer, sweet is life to me still,
But my heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill.
Fiona MacLeod quotes
How beautiful they are,
The lordly ones
Who dwell in the hills,
In the hollow hills.
Fiona MacLeod
Ah, the strange, sweet, lonely delight
Of the Valleys of Dream.
MacLeod Fiona quotes
The gray silence, the gray waves, the gray wastes of the sea.
Down beyond the haven the tide comes with a shout.
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