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Dick Armey

Former U S Representative from Texas's 26,26th congressional district, (1985–2003) and House Majority Leader (1995–2003).
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Dick Armey
The Justice Department […] seems to be running amok and out of control […] This agency right now is the biggest threat to personal liberty in the country.
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Bipartisanship is another name for date rape.
America’s Christian conservative movement is confronted with this divide: small-government advocates who want to practice their faith independent of heavy-handed government versus big-government sympathizers who want to impose their version of 'righteousness' on others through the hammer of law.... Our movement must avoid the temptations of power and those who would twist the good intentions of Christian voters to support policies that undermine freedom and grow government.

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Dave Barry:: Are you really Dick Armey?
Dick Armey:: Yes, I am Dick Armey. And if there is a dick army, Barney Frank would want to join up.
Armey Dick
I've been to Europe once. I don't have to go again.
Dick Armey quotes
If my expectations of civility and collegiality were disappointed, what do you think it was like for the rest of the congressmen they dealt with? The Bush White House was tone-deaf to the normal courtesies of the office.
Dick Armey
You cannot get ahead while you are getting even.
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