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Derek Humphry

Journalist, author and principal founder of the Hemlock Society.
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Derek Humphry
If you have to help a person die, say nothing. Let the police do their own sleuthing.
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Ugh! The plastic bag! Agreed. Not very aesthetic, but not so bad with a little a little prior practice to become accustomed to it.
Frequently I am asked if I will take my life when I have a terminal illness. My answer is: "I'll wait and see." If my dying is bearable, the pain well managed, and my self-control and dignity are not damaged, then I shall hang on and die naturally. But if I am one of the unlucky few who suffer abysmally, then I shall make a quick exit. This book is intended for readers who think much the same as me.

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Too soon is to waste the good aspects of life, and perhaps unkind to those who love and need you. Too late means you might lose control.
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I tend to choose a doctor in the forties age range, male or female, in general preference to an older one. They understand the full implications of modern medical technology a great deal better than their elders, are more open to new ideas, and usually are keenly aware of today's medical controversies, including law and ethics.
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The right to choose to die in a manner and by a means of ones own choosing is the ultimate personal and civil liberty.
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