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Dennis Ross

American diplomat and author.
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Dennis Ross
On the question of Israel, I talk about what I saw during his trip to Israel, how I saw his (Barack Obama) understanding of the relationship with Israel - he would describe it as a commitment of the head and heart. He looks at Israel and sees us as being two countries with common values. But he also looks at Israel and sees that whatever threatens Israel also happens to threaten the United States. So we have a [common] interest, because we end up facing the same threats.
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I mean, they (Obama admistration) have a guy like Dennis Ross at the White House now, whoís always been a part of the Israel lobby. They put him in charge of the whole Muslim world.
You donít talk to Ahmadinejad. First of all, heís not the decision maker. When Senator Obama suggests that he would be prepared to meet with him, he says such a meeting first has to be prepared. What he means is that you have to coordinate with your allies - all your allies. Secondly, it means you have to check whether you can put together an agenda for a lower-level meeting. If it becomes clear that you canít put together such an agenda, then you donít hold a meeting at a high level - the presidential level - because itís not going to lead anywhere. But if you can produce something that you know will lead somewhere, then itís silly not to do that.

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With regard to the Iranians, we know that by not talking to Iran the U.S. did not improve the situation. Today Iran is a nuclear power - it doesnít have nuclear weapons yet, but in 2001 it was not yet able to convert uranium or uranium gas, it didnít have a single centrifuge. Now itís stockpiling highly enriched uranium. So the current approach of not talking hasnít worked. Thereís no guarantee that if you talk youíll succeed, but if you donít talk you will fail.
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