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Sofia Rotaru

Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian and formerly Soviet pop singer-songwriter, record and film producer, dancer, actress, author and fashion icon.
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Sofia Rotaru
Alla Pugacheva You have recently been at Rotaru's Anniversary. Is it possible that you will perform in the near future a song in duet with Sofia Mihailovna? - I would like to. However, one cannot hurry us in this. Rotaru is enormously overcharged, myself - as well. But we are dreaming about this already for many many years. And the singers' dreams should come true!
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13.04.95. Kharkiv [Ukraine] speaking to pyrotechnist - about fog on the stage...
- Make sure no one can be seen. Myself as well...
Interview "Cosmopolitan Sofia":
If there were a fire in your house, what would be the first thing you would take away with you?
- I would take away my legs.

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Vladimir Putin: "The art of unique Sofia Rotaru is one of the birghtest pages of modern pop culture. Rare in beauty voice, artistic temper and flawless artistic taste have righteously won You the recognition and love of numerous generations of fans. Your songs come from the very heart an dthat is why they have such a long and happy life." (Russian President has greeted the singer, People's Artist of USSR, S.M.)
Rotaru Sofia
20.02.94, Kyiv, 18:15 a boy from the crowd:
- Sofia Mihailovna, how many languages do you speak?
- I speak Moldavian, Ukrainian and Russian, but what is important is that we understand each other.
Sofia Rotaru quotes
Replying to Anatolii Kirillovich and Ilya Savelievich to their jokes about Aurica Rotaru during one of the rehearsals in Krasnodar [Russia] ('93):
- One more time, one can't here Aurica!
- Well, she is echoing in Moldavian...
- She is not echoing in Moldavian. I'll show you, khokhols!! Just sing, Aurica.
- Well, I am not singing in the beginning...
- I'm telling you: sing.
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