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Also known as D Swain, is an American hip-hop performer and record producer.
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"[Relationships] never seem to work out, I mean it gets to the point where I have to be extremely cautious. You have to understand, this stardom thing is still new to me, I don't even consider myself "famous". It's 2008: if you have a blog, a mixtape and two pairs of skinny jeans you, too, can be 'famous'."
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"I, once was retired but he's sort of back
Haven't been the same since Uncle L sneezed on a track
(Heee-shay!) I'm 'bout to throw some D's on the 'Lac
Sike...my guest appearances is cheese for the rats
Pease porridge hot? Nah nigga, pease porridge black
Please pour a batch of Singaporan tea, more than that
Y'all gon' need some bigger cups if you fuckin' with me and Naledge
Even college was a hustle to him, like me at Claflin
We is laughin' at the competition deviously
So much accomplished, Wikipedia's peeved"
"Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less travelled
I'm patient so that's one less hassle
If I dream it, I can live it
I've seen the light with vivid imagery
I need to write with fits of energy
But it's hard tryin' to get where I'm goin'
Without a hint or an omen
It's too late to turn around
Perseverance, gotta learn it now
But I'm stubborn how
Am I supposed to survive this rollercoaster hurtlin' to the ground?"

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"I rarely get mentioned in the same category as these other guys who have come out after me...[b]ut maybe Iím not that, maybe Iím not an Internet rapper."
"D. Swain ain't never dwell on shit
So why would he start now?
The perfect time for him to depart, vowed
To make a name for myself
Get some fame, maybe gain some wealth (what else?)
I gave you the pain of a black man going through thangs
Just being myself and showing you Swain
Now a nigga feelin' disenchanted, jaded
'Cause instead of gettin' props, Danny got hated
Yeah I made it to the top, but I'm tossin' myself off
D. Swain kill his image? Chalk it up as a loss
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"I wasnít reluctant about it. Iíve had so many fans online and at shows ask for my old material that I was surprised. So when I had the chance to release my back catalog on iTunes it was really for the fans. Iím still surprised when a fan comes up to me and ask about F.O.O.D. I want to please those fans that have enjoyed my previous albums and I also want to be able to see the progression of my music for posterity sake."
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