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Cesare Lombroso (1835 – 1909)

Italian criminologist and founder of the Italian School of Positivist Criminology.
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Cesare Lombroso
The appearance of a single great genius is more than equivalent to the birth of a hundred mediocrities.
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"Lawsuit mania"... a continual craving to go to law against others, while considering themselves the injured party.
Unfortunately, goodness and honor are rather the exception than the rule among exceptional men, not to speak of geniuses.

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Klopstock was questioned regarding the meaningof a passage in his poem. He replied, "God and I both knew what it meant once; now God alone knows."
Lombroso Cesare
The ignorant man always adores what he cannot understand.
Cesare Lombroso quotes
Good sense travels on the well-worn paths; genius, never. And that is why the crowd, not altogether without reason, is so ready to treat great men as lunatics.
Cesare Lombroso
Genius is one of the many forms of insanity.
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