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Bruce Bennett (1906 – 2007)

Born Harold Herman Brix, was an American actor and Olympic silver medalist shot putter.
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Bruce Bennett
I feel very sincerely that age isn't computable by number of years. It is truly only a state of mind. We know many young people of 90 and old people of 20. By my mind, I'm still young!
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All I knew about shot putting was that my brother could do 44 feet I decided I wanted to beat him. So I got a shot and went to work and made up my mind to do 45 feet.
Herman Brix brought a presence to the screen that many people feel personifies the Tarzan of the books lean and muscular, articulate and dignified. He moved with the superb athletic grace that my grandfather envisioned.

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I wish I would have had more to do in the film. I hated to get killed so soon.
Bennett Bruce
Brix's portrayal was the only time between the silents and the 1960s that Tarzan was accurately depicted in films. He was mannered, cultured, soft-spoken, a well-educated English lord who spoke several languages, and didn't grunt.
Bruce Bennett quotes
There was only a single sharpshooter up in the trees to keep the croc away from me.
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