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Arthur Rubinstein (1887 – 1982)

Polish-American pianist who is widely considered as one of the greatest piano virtuosi of the 20th century.
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Arthur Rubinstein
God bless him. He will be remembered forever.
Rubinstein quotes
I'm a free person; I feel terribly free. They could put me in chains and I still would be free because my thoughts would be mine - and that's all I want to have.
My father, good or bad, mistakes or no, had a direct line from his heart to the music to the people, to the audience. He played with logic and his own inner truth.

Rubinstein Arthur quotes
Yes, I am very lucky, but I have a little theory about this. I have noticed through experience and observation that providence, nature, God, or what I would call the power of creation seems to favor human beings who accept and love life unconditionally, and I am certainly one who does with all my heart.
Rubinstein Arthur his fingers he has more skill than any of the rest of us.
Arthur Rubinstein quotes
Music is not a hobby, not even a passion with me; music is me. I feel what people get out of me is this outlook on life, which comes out in my music. My music is the last expression of all that.
Arthur Rubinstein
Arthur Rubinstein once said to me that he couldn't think when he played, that something else took over. I also don't think when I play - something happens through me, but I am motivated by what I have thought before.
Rubinstein Arthur quotes
Rubinstein was wonderful. For three days he spent hours playing the piano in my room, and then asking me what I thought of this and that. After a while he told my mother that I had talent and he thought I should be a musician.
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