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Aleksandr Pushkin (Alexander Pushkin)

1799 10 February (29 January, O S ) 1837) Russian poet and author.
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The clock of doom had struck as fated;
the poet, without a sound,
let fall his pistol on the ground.
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Two fixed ideas can no more exist together in the moral world than two bodies can occupy one and the same place in the physical world.
Unforced, as conversation passed,
he had the talent of saluting
felicitously every theme,
of listening like a judge-supreme
while serious topics were disputing,
or, with an epigram-surprise,
of kindling smiles in ladies' eyes.

The less we show our love to a woman,
Or please her less, and neglect our duty,
The more we trap and ruin her surely
In the flattering toils of philandery.
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