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Edward Bouverie Pusey (1800 – 1882)

English churchman and Regius Professor of Hebrew at Christ Church, Oxford.
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Edward Bouverie Pusey
In all adversity, what God takes away He may give us back with increase.
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Take steadily some one sin, which seems to stand out before thee, to root it out, by God's grace, and every fibre of it. Purpose strongly, by the grace and strength of God, wholly to sacrifice this sin or sinful inclination to the love of God, to spare it not, until thou leave of it none remaining, neither root nor branch.
The Book of Daniel is especially fitted to be a battle-ground between faith and unbelief. It admits of no half-way measures. It is either divine or an imposture. The writer, were he not Daniel, must have lied on a most frightful scale.

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