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Alan Dzagoev

Russian international football midfielder who plays for CSKA Moscow.
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Alan Dzagoev
"When you want to stick to the highest level, there is no time for fun", 2008.
Dzagoev quotes
"Dzagoev doesn't like pathos, and that's a very positive thing", Valery Gazzaev, 2008.
"CSKA is one big family. Honestly, I'm very lucky being in that club", 2008.

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"Dzagoev plays football not for fame and money, but because, football is his life. It is rare today that a victory is more important for a player, then the prize-money for it. But Alan - is exactly that case", Igor Rodkin, former Dzagoev's coach at FC Krylia Sovetov-SOK, 2008.
Dzagoev Alan
"I was so glad to get my first boots that for a few days I didn't take them off. I wore them to school, to visit people, and simply to walk on the street", 2008.
Alan Dzagoev quotes
"About Alan I'll emphasize one important trait. He was wonderfully brought up by his parents, and for that I would like to thank them myself, and as I think, in the name of the entire Russian football. Another important thing, is that Alan is very hard-working and modest.", Valery Gazzaev, 2008.
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