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Elaine Goodale Eastman (1863 – 1953)

American poet along with her sister of Dora Read Goodale.
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Elaine Goodale Eastman
Skirting the rocks at the forest edge
With a running flame from ledge to ledge,
Or swaying deeper in shadowy glooms,
A smoldering fire in her dusky blooms;
Bronzed and molded by wind and sun,
Maddening, gladdening every one
With a gypsy beauty full and fine,
A health to the crimson columbine!
Eastman quotes
The seal and guerdon of wealth untold
We clasp in the wild marsh marigold.
Nature lies disheveled, pale,
With her feverish lips apart,
Day by day the pulses fail,
Nearer to her bounding heart;
Yet that slackened grasp doth hold
Store of pure and genuine gold;
Quick thou comest, strong and free,
Type of all the wealth to be,

Thy subtle charm is strangely given,
My fancy will not let thee be, ,
Then poise not thus 'twixt earth and heaven,
O white anemone!
Eastman Elaine Goodale
Death in the wood,
In the death-pale lips apart;
Death in a whiteness that curdled the blood,
Now black to the very heart:
The wonder by her was formed
Who stands supreme in power;
To show that life by the spirit comes
She gave us a soulless flower!
The starry, fragile windflower,
Poised above in airy grace,
Virgin white, suffused with blushes,
Shyly droops her lovely face.
Elaine Goodale Eastman
Pure and perfect, sweet arbutus
Twines her rosy-tinted wreath.
With careless joy we thread the woodland ways
And reach her broad domain.
Thro' sense of strength and beauty, free as air.
We feel our savage kin,
And thus alone with conscious meaning wear
The Indian's moccasin!
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