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Without Justice, no realm may prosper.


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We simply do not consider it desirable that a realm of justice and concord should be established on earth (because it would certainly be the realm of the deepest leveling and chinoiserie); we are delighted with all who love, as we do, danger, war, and adventures, who refuse to compromise, to be captured, reconciled, and castrated; we count ourselves among conquerors; we think about the necessity for new orders, also for a new slavery for every strengthening and enhancement of the human type also involves a new kind of enslavement.

Friedrich Nietzsche

The Soviet union is dead and gone and replaced by the Russian Federation, which is a country we can be friends with now, thank God and we want the Russians to prosper, and should help the Russians prosper in every way we can within reason.

Tom Clancy

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
Why, if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

John Harington

We have a booming global economy but we don't have a global society. Markets reduce everything, including human beings and nature, to commodities. Societies need more than this to prosper such goals as political freedom and social justice.

George Soros

Unfortunately for the modern dramatist, during the past century and a half the public realm has been less and less of a realm where human deeds are done, and more and more of a realm of mere human behavior. The contemporary dramatist has lost his natural subject.

Wystan Hugh Auden
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