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Paul Simonon

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I've got one thing to say about being the bass player ... I didn't want the role of being Entwhistle or Bill Wyman, stuck in the background. That's too depressing and if that was what I'd been offered with The Clash I would've turned it down. Maybe that's the nature of the job, or has been in the past; the bass player as the one that held the fort, so to speak, along with the drummer, letting every body else go lunatic.
But, y'know — why can't we all be lunatics?
As quoted in Bassist magazine (October 1999)

Paul Simonon

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He had developed his own limited, or very simple style. He was never very keen on improving himself as a bass player and half the time I would play bass on the records because I would tend to do it quicker. Right back to those early records; I mean, at least half the bass on all recorded output is me anyway. … Rog used to come in and say, 'Thank you very much' to me once in a while for winning him bass-playing polls.

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