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Paul Scofield

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The only great actor I have worked with who was not in any sense a star there was no great publicity about him, no scandal about him, none of the attitude to stardom.
Corin Redgrave, "In quotes: Tributes to Paul Scofield," BBC News (2008-03-20)

Paul Scofield

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"Film star," "movie star" whatever they want to try to call you is limiting, in the sense that I think an actor has to be able to play characters. To separate these things you know: "leading man," "action hero," "character actor," stuff like that I guess if I want to be close to anything, it would be a character actor, which is what I think an actor should be. So any of that "movie star" stuff, I just don't buy it. It just doesn't make sense to me.

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There are people nowadays who think that Irving was a ranter and a ham; quite true, he was, but in the sense that Alexander the Great was a martinet and a butcher. Ranting and hamming are very necessary accomplishments for a great actor, and he is able to invest them with a greatness which lesser actors cannot approach.

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