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Bethany Kennedy Scanlon

Author of Christian fiction, and public lecturer.
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Bethany Kennedy Scanlon
Jealousy’s vicious bulldog trampled through my soul. I was furious, no, furious is not a strong enough word; I was enraged with envy, hate, and malice toward a strange brunette kissing my boyfriend. What is that tramp doing with my man?
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The word of God is God, and therefore has to be revealed to you by God. When God’s Holy Spirit reveals to you the meaning of His word, then you will recognize the truth of His word.
I ignored everybody's input and followed my inward intuition. Don't ever let a loser lead you.

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I thought about it for a moment. I hated wetbacks, and was tired of their culture being shoved down my throat in L.A., where I lived. I mean, really, how would Mexico feel if Americans illegally lived in their country and then insisted on celebrating the Fourth of July? I looked at Candy and the goods she would offer me if I played along. “All right! First round on me!”
Scanlon Bethany Kennedy
Smart people learn to fit into different cultures without being influenced by them.
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