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Nature Quotes - random

The machine does not isolate us from the great problems of nature but plunges us more deeply into them.
John Muir
In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
Vanna Bonta
Everything poetic exists as a subset of a whole, and within the authoritative system of Nature.

Dennis Miller
We're not allowed to do anything to nature anymore, except look at it. It's like porn with leaves.
Peter Singer
The principles of ethics come from our own nature as social, reasoning beings.
James Clavell | Nature Quotes
God gives us intelligence to uncover the wonders of nature. Without the gift, nothing is possible.
Emil Nolde
My aim, a new evaluation of nature, with the infusion of personal soul and spirit.
Daniel Defoe
From this amphibious ill-born mob began
That vain, ill-natured thing, an Englishman.
Charles Lamb
A poor relation—is the most irrelevant thing in nature.
Joseph Conrad
What makes mankind tragic is not that they are the victims of nature, it is that they are conscious of it.
Anatole France | Nature Quotes
Il est dans la nature humaine de penser sagement et d'agir d'une façon absurde.

Marshall McLuhan
Percepts of existence always lie behind concepts of nature.
Man is by nature a political animal.
Madonna Ciccone
"Absolutely no regrets." (Lyrics from Human Nature)
Freeman Dyson
The laws of nature are constructed in such a way as to make the universe as interesting as possible.
Camille Paglia | Nature Quotes
Everything great in western culture has come from the quarrel with nature.
Alexander Smith
Death is the ugly fact which Nature has to hide, and she hides it well.
Boleslaw Prus
For human nature is strange: the less we are inclined to self-sacrifice, the more we insist on it in others.
John Greenleaf Whittier
Nature speaks in symbols and in signs.
John Sheffield
Of all those arts in which the wise excel,
Nature’s chief masterpiece is writing well.

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