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Kid Cudi

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"No I'm not no loser, I'll see you in Hell."
-Heart of a Lion

Kid Cudi

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Jason [Alexander] says he was inspired by me. Why is everyone who's inspired by me such a fat, f**king loser? You know, I look back on this amazing evening and I can't help but think to myself, "Who the hell are you people?" What right do you have to make fun of me; what have you ever done?

William Shatner

[Nelson, about Harry] "I saw him, eventually," Nelson says, "as a loser, who never found his niche and floated along on Mom's money, which was money her father made. [...] But being a loser wasn't the way my father saw himself. He saw himself as a winner, and until I was twelve or so I saw him the same way."

John Updike

"Go to hell," Covenant mumbled. "Donít you ever sleep?"
"The Bloodguard do not sleep."
"No Bloodguard has slept since the Haruchai swore their Vow."
With an effort, Covenant pulled himself into a sitting position. He peered blearily at Bannor for a moment, then muttered, "Youíre already in hell."

Stephen R. Donaldson

I am as closed-up and f**ked-up as everybody else. I am hell. The world is hell. "No, it isn't", I scream, but I know it is. Hell. Hell. Hell. Hell. Help. Help me. Help me. Love me.

Kathy Acker

"At the risk of quoting Mephistopheles I repeat: Welcome to hell. A hell erected and maintained by human-governments, and blessed by black robed judges. A hell that allows you to see your loved ones, but not to touch them. A hell situated in America's boondocks, hundreds of miles away from most families. A white, rural hell, where most of the captives are black and urban. It is an American way of death."

Mumia Abu-Jamal
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