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J. V. Cunningham (1911 – 1985)

American poet, sometimes described as a neo-classicist or anti-modernist.
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J. V. Cunningham
She said he was a man who cheated.
He said she didn't play the game.
She said an expletive deleted.
He said the undeleted same.
And so they ended their relation
With meaningful communication.
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What is needed is a noticeable unnoticeable style,... a directness of speech that seems to one judging easily imitable, to one trying it nothing less so.
An old dissembler who lived out his lie
Lies here as if he did not fear to die.

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What demon is our god? What name subsumes
That act external to our sleeping selves?
Not pleasure it is much too broad and narrow ,
Not sex, not for the moment love, but pride,
And not in prowess, but pride undefined,
Autonomous in its unthought demands,
A bit of vanity, but mostly pride.
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