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Jonathan Larson

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Will I lose my dignity? Will someone care? Will I wake tomorrow from this nightmare?

Jonathan Larson

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So today, let's write a program simply. But let's also realize that tomorrow, we're going to make it more complex, because tomorrow it's going to do more. So we'll take that simplicity and we'll lose some of it. But tomorrow, hopefully tomorrow's program is as simple as possible for tomorrow's needs. Hopefully we'll preserve simplicity as the program grows.

Ward Cunningham

Put the nightmare together. If you do not wake up screaming, you have not put it together well.

R. A. Lafferty

If they gave me a fortune,
My treasure would be small:
I could lose it all tomorrow
And never mind at all.
But if I should lose your love, dear,
I don't know what I'd do,
For I know I'll never find another you.

Tom Springfield

...he lost the most important thing a human being can lose, which was his dignity. I know a bit about the loss of dignity. I know that when you take away a man's dignity there is a hole, a deep black hole filled with despair, humiliation and self-hatred, filled with emptiness, shame and disgrace, filled with loss and isolation and Hell. It's a deep, dark, horrible f**king hole, and that hole is where people like me live our sad-ass, f**ked-up, dignity-free, inhuman lives, and where we die, alone, miserable, wasted and forgotten.

James Frey

Give them pleasure the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.

Alfred Hitchcock
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