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John Perry Barlow

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Everyone seems to be playing well within the boundaries of his usual rule set. I have yet to hear anyone say something that seemed likely to mitigate the idiocy of this age.
On The International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism, and Security - Personal blog from Madrid (2005-03-10)

John Perry Barlow

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I could hear the band playing a cheery sort of music. I dont like jazz music as a rule, but I was glad to hear it that night. I think it helped us all.

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There is no denying the powerful emotions appeals to ethnicity can arouse. We need to develop linkages that will subdue or weaken such appeals. This will lie in deepening relationships across ethnic boundaries. It cannot be forced but must be encouraged by all in any position to do so. Because we need to expand and strengthen the interethnic connections which already subsist to mitigate the siren calls of ethnicity when they are made.

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There is no usual Rule without an exception.

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