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Jane Barker (1652 – 1732)

English poet and novelist of the early 18th century.
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Jane Barker
Cease, gentle Maid, cease, cease to grieve,
Thy Goddess does thy Pray'rs receive,
And Providence will Thee relieve.

Those, who on Providence depend,
And patiently its Will attend,
Shall be rewarded in the End,

By Ways and Means least thought upon,
That Mortals may be forc'd to own
Their Help comes from the Gods alone.
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Welcome, brave Hero, to this course Retreat,
Thou who excell'st whatever Rome call'd great;
Great as thou art, yet others of thy Name
Shall thee transcend in martial Acts and Fame.
Two shall their Names from Africa receive,
As Asia did to thee thy Glories give.
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