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James McNeill Whistler

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John Ruskin: "The labour of two days is that for which you ask two hundred guineas?"
Whistler: "No. I ask it for the knowledge I have gained in the work of a lifetime."
Whistler v. Ruskin (1878)

James McNeill Whistler

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"I know of only two painters in the world," said a newly introduced feminine enthusiast to Whistler, "yourself and Velasquez." "Why," answered Whistler in dulcet tones, "why drag in Velasquez?"

James McNeill Whistler

A group from Glasgow sought in 1891 to purchase his portrait of Thomas Carlyle was shocked that Whistler's price was 1000 guineas. A spokesman countered that the portrait was not even life size. Whistler replied, "But, you know, few men are life size."

James McNeill Whistler

"Why not go live on the beach?"
"These things are a way of keeping score. I'm sure you have your own way of keeping score."
I nodded. "I compare the numbers of answers I get to the number of questions I ask."
"And how are you doing with that?"
"Lifetime average is close to a hundred per cent."

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My teacher's like, "Mr. Jaco?"
"With all that knowledge, You aint trying to go to college?
Be a lawyer or a doctor, Get a whole lotta dollars?
Rather degrade women and glorify violence?"
"Well the work that works for me might not work for you
No homework, I got work to do."

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John asked what he could do to help my campaign for governor.
"Write a campaign song," I replied.
"Okay," said John, "what's the theme?"
"Our campaign slogan is 'Come together, join the party.'"
"Great title," said John. He grabbed his guitar and started improvising.

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