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James Carville

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When it comes to being visionary in stealing, the Republicans do better than anybody. It's really something to see.
In his 25th January 2006 appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien

James Carville

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Republicans won big, running as Republicans, in 2004. But once they took control of Congress, they started acting like Democrats and lost big. There is a lesson in that somewhere but whether Republicans will learn it is another story entirely.

Thomas Sowell

Honesty consists not in never stealing but in knowing where to stop in stealing, and how to make good use of what one does steal.

Samuel (novelist Butler

Republicans are vile. All Republicans are liars, cheats, sneaks; they are deceivers. They are immoral, and they have no ethical structure whatsoever. I don't care if they're members of Congress or your momma. If they are Republicans, they are thugs. They support mass murder. They support the destruction of this country.

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In vain we call old notions fudge,
And bend our conscience to our dealing;
The Ten Commandments will not budge,
And stealing will continue stealing.

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Stealing from capitalism is not like stealing out of our own pockets. Marx and Lenin have taught us that anything is ethical, so long as it is in the interest of the proletarian class and its world revolution.

Nicolae Ceausescu
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