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Jack Gibson

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I think he must have an egg-timer - every four minutes, he blows the whistle.
On Queensland referee Barry Gomersall.

Jack Gibson

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In practice he never stopped until you blew the whistle, There were times he'd keep running, going across the parking lot and into neighborhood, and one of the kids would say, "Coach, you forgot to blow the whistle. You have to go get Javon."

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If you get beyond the political rhetoric [and assembled a group to solve Social Security] it would take them 15 minutes. It would take them 15 minutes only because 10 minutes was used for pleasantries.

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"Television is to news as a bumper sticker is to Shakespeare. I remember hearing an analogy once that went something like that. Your typical nightly, 35-minute TV news broadcast is a headline service with pictures. Five minutes of police-blotter reporting - fires, murders, car accidents, etc. - five minutes of human-interest stories and small talk, five minutes of weather, five minutes of sports, ten minutes of commercials, and maybe a minute or two for business, science, politics, and affairs of the world."

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