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Health Quotes - random

James Thurber | Health Quotes
Early to rise and early to bed makes a male healthy and wealthy and dead.
Good breeding in cattle depends on physical health, but in men on a well-formed character.
Edward Kennedy (Ted)
What we have in the United States is not so much a health-care system as a disease-care system.

Thomas Carlyle
A healthy hatred of scoundrels.
Edward Coote Pinkney
A Health, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
Kurt Vonnegut | Health Quotes
We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Give me health and a day, and I will make the pomp of emperors ridiculous.
Nicholas Udall
For Myrth prolongeth lyfe, and causeth health.
Tiger Woods
My goal is to remain healthy my entire career, and a healthy diet seems like a good start.
Joycelyn Elders
Handguns are a public health issue.
Tristan J. Loo | Health Quotes
"Offer forgiveness not for their sake, but for your own health."

Thomas Szasz
The wise treat self-respect as non-negotiable, and will not trade it for health or wealth or anything else.
Peter Mere Latham
Perfect health, like perfect beauty, is a rare thing; and so, it seems, is perfect disease.
Swami Vivekananda
Religion as a science, as a study, is the greatest and healthiest exercise that the human mind can have.
Ellen G. White
Heaven is all health.
Barbara Boxer | Health Quotes
Medical professionals, not insurance company bureaucrats, should be making health care decisions.
Steve Maraboli
The ability to passionately express opposing opinions is the greatest sign of a healthy democracy.
Alessandra Ambrosio
Take care of yourself, be healthy, and always believe you can be successful in anything you truly want.
H. G. Wells (Herbert George)
Cynicism is humour in ill health.
George Herbert
There are more physitians in health then drunkards.

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