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Happiness Quotes - random

Max Planck | Happiness Quotes
No burden is so heavy for a man to bear as a succession of happy days.
Tom Robbins
It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
Nicholas Rowe
As if Misfortune made the throne her seat,
And none could be unhappy but the great.

Meher Baba
Don't worry, be happy.
William Hazlitt
Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy.
Aldous Huxley | Happiness Quotes
Well, I'd rather be unhappy than have the sort of false, lying happiness you were having here.
Thomas Jefferson
Blest is that nation whose silent course of happiness furnishes nothing for history to say.
Daniel Johns
This next song is about... fish... just one singular fish... he was a lonely fish, but he died happy.
John Lancaster Spalding
The happiness of the ignorant is but an animal’s paradise.
Nicholas Lore
Just because you have long legs doesn't mean you'll be happy as a Rockette.
I usually read the obituaries first as there is always the happy chance that one of them will make my day.

James Hudson Taylor
There is great danger of not, in happiness, finding our delight in the Lord.
Steve Maraboli
Happiness is the gauge that measures your relationship with God.
To live among friends is the primary essential of happiness.
George Lincoln Rockwell
I just think you people would be happier back in Africa where you came from.
Pete Yorn | Happiness Quotes
Can we begin again? Save it for another friend, I was happy in my life I won’t pretend. ~ "EZ"
Susan Kay
Happiness is like the first blissful intoxication of morphine.
It doesn't last very long.
Pieter Willem Botha
Most blacks are happy, except those who have had other ideas pushed into their ears.
Samuel Johnson
Come, let me know what it is that makes a Scotchman happy!
Abraham Lincoln
Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.

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