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Emil Cioran

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Boredom levels all enigmas: a positivist reverie.

Emil Cioran

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Neurosis was caused by our attempt to separate physical and metaphysical levels, to set them up in opposition to each other, thus engaging in an internecine war. If it is true that we do live on several levels simultaneously- drama and action, past and present, personnel and collective- we are given ways to unify them: one by religion, the other by art. Separating such levels is only necessary when they conflict, and separation is a result of conflict. Seeing how these levels can work together in harmony is the task of our contemporary writers.

Anais Nin

We define boredom as the pain a person feels when heís doing nothing or something irrelevant, instead of something he wants to do but wonít, canít, or doesnít dare. Boredom is acute when he knows the other thing and inhibits his action, e.g., out of politeness, embarrassment, fear of punishment or shame. Boredom is chronic if he has repressed the thought of it and no longer is aware of it. A large part of stupidity is just the chronic boredom, for a person canít learn, or be intelligent about, what heís not interested in, when his repressed thoughts are elsewhere. (Another large part of stupidity is stubbornness, unconsciously saying, ďI wonít. You canít make me.Ē)

Paul Goodman

Boredom was the plague of my childhood. While I was at the orphanage, the boredom came from being in a place I did not wish to be. I was bored. I was bored the entire four years I was there.

William Saroyan

Martin Heidegger taught an entire course on boredom, calling it the ďinsidious creature [that] maintains monstrous essence in our [Being].Ē Itís been speculated that Heidegger signed up with the Nazis at least in part to cure himself of boredom.

Martin Heidegger

In the usual boredom, we desire nothing, we even lack the curiosity to weep; in the excess of boredom it is just the contrary, for this excess incites us to action, and weeping is an action.

Emil Cioran
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