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David Gemmell

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[H]e who fears to lose will never win.
Ch. 17

David Gemmell

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He who fears death either fears to lose all sensation or fears new sensations. In reality, you will either feel nothing at all, and therefore nothing evil, or else, if you can feel any sensations, you will be a new creature, and so will not have ceased to have life.

Marcus Aurelius

He either fears his fate too much,
Or his deserts are small,
That dares not put it to the touch
To gain or lose it all.

James Graham

If of their pleasures and desires no end be found;
God to their cares and fears will set no bound.
What would content you? Who can tell?
Ye fear so much to lose what you have got
As if ye liked it well.
Ye strive for more, as if ye liked it not.

Abraham Cowley

The wise one does not speak to one whom he fears he shall be belied, he does not ask anyone of anything if he fears he shall not give, and he does not repose hope on one whom he does not trust.

Husayn ibn Ali

[T]he men who are successful have become the most dependent on success to attract love. When this man loses his success, he often fears he will lose love.

Warren Farrell
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