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Dave Keon

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Most kids today slap the puck. The backhand takes time to learn. It's not something you do naturally. But it is an effective shot.
Quoted in Kevin Shea, "One on One with Dave Keon," Legends of (2002-04-15)

Dave Keon

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Cherry: …Yeah he’s gone anyhow, going into overtime. Gretzky, verge of elimination. So, what do we do? They say ‘What do we do? How about he [Doug Gilmour] gets hit with the puck? He gets hit with the puck, he’s laying on the [sic]'. The only way he’d get hit with the puck is if his chin was on the ice. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. [Gretzky] gets the overtime winner and that’s wrong as far as I’m concerned. Andreychuk got a five-minute major, he [Gretzky] should’ve got something! At least a slap on the wrist or a dirty look!

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1) Never go offside on a three on two or two on one.
2) Never go backwards in your own end except on a powerplay.
3) Never throw a puck out blindly from behind your opponent's net.
4) Never pass diagonally across ice in your own end unless 100 percent certain.
5) Wings on wings in neutral zone—unless intercepting a pass.
6) Second man goes all the way in for a rebound.
7) Defense with puck at opponents' blueline—look at each teammate before shooting.
8) Wing in front of opponents' net must face puck and lean on stick.
9) Puck carrier over center with no room and no one to pass to must shoot puck in.
10) No forward must ever turn his back on the puck.
11) No player must be more than two zones away from puck.
12) Never be outnumbered in defensive zone.
13) On delayed penalty puck carrier must look for extra man.
14) Be alert to time left on opponent's penalty.

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I was with the [Quebec] Citadelles. We had four defensemen. One couldn't skate backwards. Another couldn't turn to his left. The others were slow. It was a case of me having to go and get the puck when it was shot into our end because our defense couldn't get there fast enough. The more I did it, the farther I went. It seemed to be the best thing to do, so I did it and it worked." Plante continued, "Possession of the puck is number one. That's all I'm doing—getting control until one of my teammates comes along."

Jacques Plante

Finally, law enforcement needs to increase the consequences for kids found intoxicated or in possession of drugs. The current slap on the wrist leaves kids with the idea "Cops are cool. When they take our drugs they are going to use them to get high. They are really helping us avoid the silly law.

Virgil Miller Newton

Every time man makes a new experiment he always learns more. He cannot learn less. He may learn that what he thought was true was not true. By the elimination of a false premise, his basic capital wealth which in his given lifetime is disembarrassed of further preoccupation with considerations of how to employ a worthless time-consuming hypothesis. Freeing his time for its more effective exploratory investment is to give man increased wealth.

Buckminster Fuller
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