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Jimmy Kennedy (1902 – 1984)

British songwriter.
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Jimmy Kennedy
Even old New York was once New Amsterdam.
Why they changed it I can't say;
People just liked it better that way.
Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
Why did Constantinople get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks!
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You put your right arm in,
Your right arm out
In, out, in, out and shake it all about.
You do the hokey cokey and you turn around,
And that's what it's all about.
How could I help if tears were starting?
Goodbye to tender nights beside the silv'ry sea.
I longed to hold you near and kiss you just once more,
But you were on the ship and I was on the shore.

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If you go down in the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise.
If you go down in the woods today
You'd better go in disguise.
For ev'ry bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain, because
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.
Kennedy Jimmy
This sad reality, To know it couldn't be,
That's Portugal and love in April!
The music and the wine convinced me you were mine,
But it was just the spring fooling me.
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We're going to hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line.
Have you any dirty washing, mother dear?
We're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line.
'Cause the washing day is here.
Jimmy Kennedy
My prayer is to linger with you
At the end of the day in a dream that's divine;
My prayer is a rapture in blue
With the world far away and your lips close to mine.
Kennedy Jimmy quotes
She was sweet as a rose at the dawning,
But somehow fate hadn't meant her for me;
Though I sailed with the tide in the morning,
Still my heart's on the Isle of Capri.
Red sails in the sunset,
Way out on the sea,
Oh carry my loved one
Home safely to me.
Kennedy Jimmy
Let's all sing the barmaid's song,
Time gentlemen, please.
Every night we hear this refrain,
Every night at 11 o'clock
We hear it once again!
Jimmy Kennedy
South of the border, down Mexico way.
That's where I fell in love where stars above, came out to play.
And now as I wonder, my thoughts ever stray
South of the border, down Mexico way.

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