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Bjarne Stroustrup

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People who think they know everything really annoy those of us who know we don't.
Bjarne Stroustrup's FAQ: Did you really say that?. Retrieved on 2007-11-15.

Bjarne Stroustrup

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The first thought that occurred to me, that night when I heard the chairman of the jury announce my name, was, Just think how many people hate me at this moment. Naturally, I wanted to annoy those people even further by being arrogant.

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When I accept another person's imperfections, I deprive myself of any opportunity to be right. Today, I should look out for people who might challenge or annoy me. They are wrong, and I am right. The more I attack others, the more important I will become.

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The vast number of titles which are published each year—all of them are to the good, even if some of them may annoy or even repel us for a time. For none of us would trade freedom of expression and of ideas for the narrowness of the public censor. America is a free market for people who have something to say, and need not fear to say it.

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To-day, whatever may annoy,
The word for me is Joy, just simple Joy.

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