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Jan Struther (1901 – 1953)

English writer remembered for her character Mrs.
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Jan Struther
If silence is golden, then speech is platinum — it spreads wisdom, dispels ignorance, ventilates grievances, stimulates curiosity, lightens the spirits and lessens the fundamental loneliness of the soul.
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Come, let us wage a holy war!
Then say–how come the years to seem so swift,
The days, the days so slow?

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For to love, loveless, is a bitter pill:
But to be loved, unloving, bitterer still.
Struther Jan
She noted with delight that he really did say "Ha!" This made a valuable addition to her collection. She had lately acquired a "Humph!" and two "Whews!" but she was still waiting in vain for a "Pshaw!"
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And I am a mockery, who was God before.
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