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Andy Murray

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I can cry like Roger. It's just a shame I can't play like him.
After being defeated by Roger Federer; BBC sports report 31 Jan 2010

Andy Murray

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I can cry like Roger, it's just a shame I can't play like him.

Roger Federer

Sadly, at least two wonderful "untold tales" of the Sleeper were lost when Roger Zelazny passed away. I know that Roger had always intended to bring back Croyd's boyhood friend Joey Sarzanno, and tell the story of the crystallized woman that Croyd kept in his closet. But he never had the chance, and now he never will. Croyd will continue to be a part of Wild Cards ó Roger deliberately crafted the character so he would be easy for the other writers to use, and always delighted in seeing what we did with him ó but it would take an unusual amount of hubris for any of us to attempt to write either of those two stories, and it is not something I would encourage. They were Roger's stories. No one else could do 'em justice.

Roger Zelazny

Oh, I would be honoured to even be compared to Roger. He has such an unbelievable talent, and is capable of anything. Roger could be the greatest tennis player of all time.

Roger Federer

No way I would be a journalist. You guys have tried to kill Roger - often. But he's always come back and proved you wrong. So one thing I would not do is make the mistake of saying Roger is dead.

Roger Federer

For me Roger is the greatest player ever who played the tennis game. Itís always good to see him play and win and we are going to see so much more of Federer in the future; he is going to win more grand slam tournaments.

Roger Federer
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