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Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys are a punk band formed in the Irish Catholic working class neighborhoods of South Boston.
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Dropkick Murphys
The Dropkick Murphy will come and get you if you don't go to sleep tonight ... It's a rehab center, I think it's in Connecticut. I think it was the guy who used to come around late at night for all the drunks, like if you were too drunk to drive home, he would come and get you and put you in this hole that you couldn't get out until you were sober enough, I don't know. There's a bunch a story, it's also a boxer, a bunch of things, a rehab center in Connecticut, grandparents used to scare kids with it.
Murphys quotes
We go over to Europe and people go ĎSo you guys are from Ireland.í We go ĎNo, weíre an American band. Weíre not interested in being from Ireland. Thatís not what we ever sung about. We donít romanticize about being from Ireland.í Iím not even Irish. Iím Scottish-German. Thatís not even important.
19 men were tried and fired, August 26th through 29th
For violation of rule 35 -- the forbidden right to organize
They suffered the loss of their livelihood that night.
A city in terror on the thin blue line.
A thousand-plus walked off the job to support their brothers' cause,
The anti-union prohibition clause.

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