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Andrei Tarkovsky

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I am only interested in the views of two people: one is called Bresson and one called Bergman.
The Goskino representative explains that he is trying to give the point of view of the audience.

Andrei Tarkovsky

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What is Bresson's genre? He doesn't have one. Bresson is Bresson. He is a genre in himself. Antonioni, Fellini, Bergman, Kurosawa, Dovzhenko, Vigo, Mizoguchi, Bunuel - each is identified with himself. The very concept of genre is as cold as the tomb. And is Chaplin - comedy? No: he is Chaplin, pure and simple; a unique phenomenon, never to be repeated. (p 150)

Andrei Tarkovsky

There are some people who begin the Zoo at the beginning, called WAYIN, and walk as quickly as they can past every cage until they get to the one called WAYOUT, but the nicest people go straight to the animal they love the most, and stay there.

A. A. Milne

Being called close-minded by religious people is a bit like being called yellow by a bunch of bananas.

Pat Condell

For me the filmmaker Bergman is the greatest actor of all. His vision and his filmic force, the thing that the Frenchmen call auteur. What Kurosawa and Fellini also have but to me Bergman is number one!

Ingmar Bergman

Look at this. Did you ever see a magazine called the New Musical Express? It turns out there is a pop group called The Police - I don't know why they are called that, presumably to distinguish them from the punks - and they've made an album of my essay The Ghost in the Machine. I didn't know anything about it until my clipping agency sent me a review of the record.

Arthur Koestler
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