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Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri

Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri was an instrumental figure in the Islamic Revolution and served as Iran's representative to the Organization of the Islamic Conference in the 1980s.
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Mohammad-Ali Taskhiri
The Palestinian issue should be at the heart of our unity. It must motivate us to unite and stand in one row behind the Palestinian Mujahideen and the brave uprising.
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Towards a definition of terrorism.
There is a terrorism which threatens security, honour, property and the like; there is a cultural terrorism which tears human identity apart; there is an information terrorism which deprives man of his freedom to breathe in an unpolluted atmosphere.

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Wahabbis think that holy sites are a manifestation of polytheism. They deem anyone who opposes them to be polytheist. They believe Shias, Sunnis, and the Islamic world are polytheist.
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