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Allan Kaprow

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A walk down 14th street is more amazing than any masterpiece of art.
Streets 2K5 international festival Of Street Art (May 2005) pg 19 (PDF)

Allan Kaprow

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The first half of your life is spent getting over yourself. You think youíre amazing, unique. Young people walk around going, "You know the funny thing is I was just in the kitchen but now Iím here in the bedroom, get a load of me! I just go on and on!" And thatís around the age when you meet somebody else Ė when youíre totally unbearable. Two young, fit, healthy attractive people in love? Thereís nothing worse to look at in the world! Going around going, "I canít believe I met you cause youíre amazing and Iím amazing and weíre surrounded by shitheads, itís just amazing! Hey, I know this really good bar, letís go and make it better." In the second half of your life you realise how like every other hump who drew breath you really are. Except youíre MORE boring.

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