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Aaron Weiss

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Given my tendency to err so on the sentimental side,
I'll spare you my goodbyes:
The truth belongs to God,
The mistakes were mine.
In a Market Dimly Lit.

Aaron Weiss

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They did it wrong, Doc. They made mistakes. And they'll keep it this way, just because everyone wants to believe it. They don't want to know the truth, Doc. It's easier for everyone this way. If enough people believe the fantasy, well, then it becomes the reality. But we know, Doc. We know who belongs where, don't we?

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We have long struggles with ourself, of which the outcome is one of our actions; they are, as it were, the inner side of human nature. This inner side is God's; the outer side belongs to men.

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They do not ill, being lords of ours, to slay
Me; nay, they could not spare: but thee to slay,
To spill thy strong young life for truth to me,
In all men's eyes would mark them monstrous : thou
Must live, and serve my slayers, and serving them
Sustain my memory by the proof if God
Shall give thee grace to prove it that thy name,
Thy father's name and mine, in true men's ears
Rings truth, and means not treason.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

These drugs have side effects that go on for f**kin' days, like tendency-to-grow-another-head, oh my God! When we were growing up we knew the side effects of the drugs we were taking. Cocaine, side effects were paranoia, ninjas-on-the-lawn; quaaludes, side effects were talking in tongues, English as a second language; marijuana, side effects were laughter, Frosted Flakes.

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