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William R. Alger

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Fill up the goblet and reach to me some!
Drinking makes wise, but dry fasting makes glum.
"Wine Song of Kaitmas", p. 161.

William R. Alger

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I have kept hidden in the instep arch
Of an old cedar at the waterside
A broken drinking goblet like the Grail
Under a spell so the wrong ones can't find it,
So can't get saved, as Saint Mark says they mustn't.
(I stole the goblet from the children's playhouse.)
Here are your waters and your watering place.
Drink and be whole again beyond confusion.

Robert Frost

Imagination cannot make fools wise, but it makes them happy, as against reason, which only makes its friends wretched: one covers them with glory, the other with shame. 82

Blaise Pascal

Music bypasses the intellect, it makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you want to dance, makes you want to have sex.

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One day in the afternoon of the world, glum death will come and sit in you, and when you get up to walk, you will be as glum as death, but if you're lucky, this will only make the fun better and the love greater.

William Saroyan

Ben Bova seems to work very hard at working in new discoveries into his Glum Future but alas, his future is glum and not that well written.

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