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Vanna Bonta

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The genre is broad and includes life.

Vanna Bonta

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As far as I'm concerned, some of the best literature of the last hundred years has come out of the genre tradition and of course the best of it challenges expectations just as the best of literary fiction challenges those expectations. But it's not that genre fiction is any more a constraint than mimetic fiction. So I see myself very much as a genre writer. I love the fantastic genres. I see what I'm doing as a development of them but very much a part of them. I never feel that I'm leaving them behind. I try and be as experimental and avant-garde and stretching as I can be but I don't see that as turning my back on the genre at all. Genre has always been able to encompass that.

China Mieville

What is Bresson's genre? He doesn't have one. Bresson is Bresson. He is a genre in himself. Antonioni, Fellini, Bergman, Kurosawa, Dovzhenko, Vigo, Mizoguchi, Bunuel - each is identified with himself. The very concept of genre is as cold as the tomb. And is Chaplin - comedy? No: he is Chaplin, pure and simple; a unique phenomenon, never to be repeated. (p 150)

Andrei Tarkovsky

I donít think writers choose the genre, the genre chooses us. I wrote out of the wish to create order out of disorder, the liking of a pattern.

P. D. James

It must be remembered that our State is but in its infancy. That its population is small, and its material wealth is very limited. That notwithstanding it embraces within its boundaries a large area of territory, which includes extensive districts of productive lands, valuable mines of coal, iron, and precious metals, vast quantities of timber, broad rivers, innumerable bays, harbors, and inlets, abounding in fish of the choicest kind sufficient to supply the markets of the world, yet its resources are comparatively undeveloped. And that while it possesses all the elements of grandeur and magnificence, its greatness can not be successfully achieved without the benefit of a well regulated government, whose foundation is laid upon the broad principles of honesty, economy, and justice.

W. W. Thayer

Thereís simultaneously something rigorous and something playful in genre. Itís about the positing of something impossibleówhether not-yet-possible or never-possibleóand then taking that impossibility and granting it its own terms and systematicity. Itís carnivalesque in its impossibility and overturning of reality, but itís rationalist in that it pretends it is real. And itís that second element which I think those who dip their toes in the SF pond so often forget. They think sf is ďaboutĒ analogies, and metaphors, and so on. I refute thatóI think that those are inevitable components, but itís the surrendering to the impossible, the weird, that characterizes genre. Those flirting with SF donít surrender to it; they distance themselves from it, and have a neon sub-text saying, ďItís okay, this isnít really about spaceships or aliens, itís about real life,Ē not understanding that it can be both, and would do the latter better if it was serious about the former.

China Mieville
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