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Tom Lehrer

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The real issues I don't think most people touch. The Clinton jokes are all about Monica Lewinsky and all that stuff and not about the important things, like the fact that he wouldn't ban landmines.

Tom Lehrer

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She (Monica Lewinsky) is the kinda girl who'll blow a guy and call you and tell you all about it.

Kathy Griffin

I think that one of the things that is needed is the fact that I don't think enough people in high positions in our country accept the importance of our world role with sufficient gravity. In other words, I think the tendency, because of politics and getting elected, is to stress local issues; and of course, they are important. But, I would like to see more of the leaders of our country spend more time traveling for one thing, getting to know the world, and studying history. To me, one of the sad things about our country is that our leadership to a greater extent than I would like is more concerned about very domestic issues than they are about our relations in the world.

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About 55 percent of the population believe that (UFOs) are real and that some segment of the government is hiding it from them. That's a majority of the population, more people than voted for Clinton in the last election. About 10 percent of Americans have seen (a UFO) at some point. If you go out and talk to people, they believe this stuff is real.

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I don't know why people see the things that they do. I wouldn't pay to see them, they don't touch me or move me in any way.

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Toni Morrison is challenged regularly because she is a black author who writes about the real world. She speaks with so much knowledge about black issues she can't be accused of creating these (issues). People find these issues threatening.

Judith Krug
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