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Todd Snider

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I don't know much about that whole grunge thing.
USA Today, December 7, 1994. <>

Todd Snider

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Grunge is commercial garbage.


People act like Nirvana invented grunge; they just took it and personified it.

Billy Corgan

people like the deep roughness and shouting that me and other grunge singers use.

Eddie Vedder

They're claiming that [the grunge bands] finally put Seattle on the map, but, like, what map? ...I mean, we had Jimi Hendrix. Heck, what more do we want?

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I can remember vividly playing that song in a club in Hamburg on Jeff Ament's Birthday March 12, 1992. I think thats an interesting date because it's also the last time I took a shower. Keep grunge alive is my motto. Not the music, just the personal philosophy.

Eddie Vedder
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