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Time Quotes - page 3

Orson Scott Card | Time Quotes
The Lord took twice the time making thee, Alvin Smith, cause it took that long to put the mischief in.
Orson Scott Card
I will love you forever, he thought. I am lying, he thought, and this time he was right.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Alcohol, hashish, prussic acid, strychnine are weak dilutions. The surest poison is time.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Time dissipates to shining ether the solid angularity of facts.
Kate Bush | Time Quotes
Bright, white coming alive jumping off of the aerial
All the time it's a changing, like now...
Kate Bush
I spend a lot of my time looking at blue,
The colour of my room and my mood...
Kate Bush
Just being alive
It can really hurt
These moments given
Are a gift from time.
Kate Bush
All the time it's a changing
And all the dreamers are waking.
Kate Bush
This chapter says
"Put it out of your mind"
Mmm, give it time....
George W. Bush | Time Quotes
After all, this is a guy that tried to kill my dad at one time.

Jack Thompson
The FTC found adult games are sold to minors 40% of the time. Hal Halpin is a liar.
Antonio Porchia
Itís been a long time since I asked anything of heaven, and my arms still havenít come down.
Antonio Porchia
When I die, I will not see myself die, for the first time.
Antonio Porchia
Every time I wake, I understand how easy it is to be nothing.
Antonio Porchia | Time Quotes
He who remains with himself for a long time, degrades.
Antonio Porchia
My bits of time play with eternity.
Antonio Porchia
Everything had been stripped of deceptions, that time. And that time I was afraid of everything.
Robert Jordan
The Wheel of Time and the wheel of a man's life turn alike without pity or mercy.
Robert Jordan
When a woman says she will obey you, of her own will, it is time to sleep lightly and watch your back.

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